2017 Goals, Intentions and A Word

Ever since mid December I have been thinking about how I want to tackle 2017. At first I made big lists with lots of goals and things I wanted to do this year, this season, & before my birthday this summer. Then I got sick! My body always seems to give out after the stress of the holidays are over. As I rested & recovered from my post holiday illness I realized my big lists needed tweaking ...and some just needed to be thrown away! 


2016 was a big year of change for me. 2016 saw me building back up my health and physical strength, both of which were lacking at the end of 2015 after my second cancer surgery. 2016 taught me that we have to focus on the people and things we love first. 2016 showed me that fear is a liar and we have to do things that scare us because they are often what brings us strength and joy. I thought over all of my 2016 lessons about health and gratitude and love and simplified my 2017 list a lot!

Now I am one week into the New Year and I am feeling good about how things have started. I am focusing on being patient (that’s my 2017 word). Patient with my loved ones (because a one year old & four year old require great patience!) and patient with myself as an artist. My biggest focus is painting every single day. I want to be sure that I am not letting life or the business side of things over shadow the joy of the creative process.

So cheers to 2017! I hope you all are finding goals & intentions that make you excited too!