Santa Cruz Part Two

Part two of Santa Cruz is now available! In case you missed the story behind this series you can read about Part 1 here.  The two paintings below are similar to part one in color and flow but were painted on larger canvas so they have a gritty texture, more details and vibe inspired by some of the tougher ladies on my trip. Points to anyone that can guess which FD ladies they are named after!

The title of my last painting is Sandman. Sandman is the nickname we gave to our top surf instructor. All the other paintings in my series were reflections of the other cancer survivors I met on my trip, but the spirit of this piece was different. It had a solid vibe that reminded me of the wonderful people that led us into the waves and were so amazing. 

This painting was actually the first one that I painted in my Santa Cruz series. The motion, the colors, the flow inspired me to channel what was in my head and get it out on paper & canvas. Just as our instructors led us into the waves, this painting led me into this series.

Each artwork is available as a print in my shop and the profit from each Santa Cruz print is being donated to FD so other young adults with cancer can go on amazing outdoor adventures too!