My Inspiration + Artist of the Week for Seattle Refined

I recently got to share thoughts on my work and inspiration with Seattle Refined!


Here is a little snippet:

Tell us about where your inspiration for your art come from?
Right now a lot of my inspiration comes from my family, friends & every day experiences. I spent spring and early summer working on a series based on conversations with close family & friends. Another recent series was based on friends I made on a trip to Santa Cruz for young adult cancer survivors.

What experiences in your life have affected your art the most?
The experiences that have most effected my work would be becoming a mother, being diagnosed with cancer, and traveling (my favorite trips have been Rome, Japan & Costa Rica). Each of these experiences has pushed me outside my comfort zone and shown me a new type of strength that fuels me and my art.

To read the full interview click here.


West Elm / Minted Design Challenge

I am so excited that the voting is open today on the Minted / West Elm Art challenge! I have been so busy this week that I was down to the wire uploading my entries but I made it! I entered two of my favorite paintings from my Santa Cruz series, Harold & Lloyd! 

If either of my paintings win they will be available as fine art prints for sale on Minted and each sales commission would be donated to FD through my fundraiser! If you have time to vote you can click on either images above or here:

2017 Goals, Intentions and A Word

Ever since mid December I have been thinking about how I want to tackle 2017. At first I made big lists with lots of goals and things I wanted to do this year, this season, & before my birthday this summer. Then I got sick! My body always seems to give out after the stress of the holidays are over. As I rested & recovered from my post holiday illness I realized my big lists needed tweaking ...and some just needed to be thrown away! 


2016 was a big year of change for me. 2016 saw me building back up my health and physical strength, both of which were lacking at the end of 2015 after my second cancer surgery. 2016 taught me that we have to focus on the people and things we love first. 2016 showed me that fear is a liar and we have to do things that scare us because they are often what brings us strength and joy. I thought over all of my 2016 lessons about health and gratitude and love and simplified my 2017 list a lot!

Now I am one week into the New Year and I am feeling good about how things have started. I am focusing on being patient (that’s my 2017 word). Patient with my loved ones (because a one year old & four year old require great patience!) and patient with myself as an artist. My biggest focus is painting every single day. I want to be sure that I am not letting life or the business side of things over shadow the joy of the creative process.

So cheers to 2017! I hope you all are finding goals & intentions that make you excited too!

Santa Cruz Part Two

Part two of Santa Cruz is now available! In case you missed the story behind this series you can read about Part 1 here.  The two paintings below are similar to part one in color and flow but were painted on larger canvas so they have a gritty texture, more details and vibe inspired by some of the tougher ladies on my trip. Points to anyone that can guess which FD ladies they are named after!

The title of my last painting is Sandman. Sandman is the nickname we gave to our top surf instructor. All the other paintings in my series were reflections of the other cancer survivors I met on my trip, but the spirit of this piece was different. It had a solid vibe that reminded me of the wonderful people that led us into the waves and were so amazing. 

This painting was actually the first one that I painted in my Santa Cruz series. The motion, the colors, the flow inspired me to channel what was in my head and get it out on paper & canvas. Just as our instructors led us into the waves, this painting led me into this series.

Each artwork is available as a print in my shop and the profit from each Santa Cruz print is being donated to FD so other young adults with cancer can go on amazing outdoor adventures too! 

New Painting Series: Santa Cruz

I am so happy to share this series as my first post here on my new website! I titled this series Santa Cruz because this fall I went to Santa Cruz, California with an organization called First Descents and it was life changing! FD takes young adults with cancer on life changing outdoor adventures and they were kind enough to take me to California and teach me to surf!


I met other young adults with cancer & over the course of a week we learned to surf together. The surf and sun were amazing but the best part was making new friends who inspired me to keep pushing to live big and with out fear of my cancer. After my trip I cam home, picked up my brushes and created a series of paintings inspired by the wonderfuly amazing people I met on my trip. 

In my paintings I wanted to combine a sense of vibrance and joy with the feeling of surfing and moving with the waves. This series brings together feelings of strength and hope with the fluid motion of water and nature.

I am selling prints of each painting in my Santa Cruz series in my shop and donating all the profits from the sales to First Descents. My goal is to help other young adults go on life changing adventures and find the support they need to thrive!